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June 7, 2010

Damn scholarship STILL hasn’t been announced. All this positivity and optimism is KILLING ME!

The kick-ass women of Pstyle read my peasly little blog, and are going to send me one! I’ve never been so excited about somebody giving me something to pee in.

…the rest I can’t mention because it is a secret.

But if you’re reading this, plllllleeeeeeease write a letter to the universe telling them to tell Mr. Cookie to give me the damn scholarship! It shouldn’t be this ridiculously important to me, to go, but it IS. Gosh darn it.

Oh, I forgot the other thing, brief article in a faaaaannntastic magazine about a group I almost performed with, before they called it quits (you can flip through, just like a real magazine; CTB is on page 32). One of the members and I did a few things…wish we did more…but anyways. Enjoy.