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I want to go back to the Shire!

July 24, 2009

My other blog details my dorkiness more…a wonderful man and SCIENCE!tist has recommended:

I bought my REI Hobitat 6 over 3 years ago for Burning Man and it has done me well through one Burning Man, one Flipside, two Alchemies and three Transformi.

Setup is a bit of a chore if you are alone, but with one other person it becomes easy.  It has eight stakedown points to keep it secure through rain, wind and dust storms.  It’s big enough for me to stand up in and throw a queen size air mattress and all my stuff in.

It comes in a storage bag large enough that you can repack it in “Sunday Morning post-burn hungover” mode without having to be an origami master.

Reading through the reviews, there are few cons. The only con for me would be the price.  This tent, at $300 is as much as a month’s mortgage payment – and it ain’t even on the pricey side of tents!

I like this one because yes, it is big (noticing a trend, with my prediliction towards tents?) but it looks like I could leave it open for air circulation and have privacy:

Egads, I still need a shade structure of some sort… *sigh*

This one looks neat-o, too:

Same with this one (, can keep the fly off and still have privacy.

Because that is what Burning Man is all about, you know? “Me time.”