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Ruminate on this…

August 17, 2009

So I called this site “playa-bound” because the playa is my destination. I am bound to go there.

However. I just realized the other meaning this morning. Bound by the playa.  There’s your morning philosophy.

I have abandoned one outfit…the Saturday Serial…will save it for Alchemy.

Realized,  somewhat panickedly, I am also limited, in my packing, by my small car.

That is not good. Not good. At all.

And the bike doesn’t have a thingie on the back, the flat part over the fender (which it also doesn’t have) to put a basket on (or something else, in my mind). Argh.

AND I have to drove allll the way across town to accomplish errands – well, see, what had happened was, I want to swap out my phone and try something different. If I do that at the nearest store (which is actually all of them, except the one I got the darn thing at), I have to get a new number. How stupid is that? So instead of going about 10 minutes away and getting it all done, I have to go 30+ minutes away. Or keep this phone that gets on my nerves.

Anyways. Enough boring mundanity about my actually life.