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So talking about bikes…

January 14, 2011

My bike in 2010¬†from the Kinetic Cab Co. was just perfect. I wanted to label it MINE and keep it forever. I’m hoping to find somebody in town to help me with my bike…it’s been leaning against the same tree since I unpacked it off the car in 2009. Until then, let’s talk accessories. Mmm….gadgets.

¬†This one seems like it might offer a modicum of dust-freedom for it’s contents (if you covered it, of course). I like the panniers, this wire one has a kinda retro feel. Sing some Newsies and shit. I think they’d be crazy easy to make. Go to the thrift store, buy a couple of messenger bags, sew’ em together and throw it on your bike.

Here’s some lights for $300 freakin’ dollars.

This thing creates a “sphere of eye-catching movements,” but they need to show it on a bike. Doing whatever it does. Onto Etsy:

Show some love for the Death Guild

I don’t take bike tools, because I wouldn’t know what to do with them if I had them. However, I would certainly want one of these to keep them in


I don’t use a bell, either (that’s what megaphones are for) but these are snazzy

Bike Bells

And this is just cute.


Soak up some butt sweat!