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Gear! Mmmm….tents and gadgets…

April 21, 2011

Man-oh-man, how happy I would be to review products for a living…or just for fun…although I can’t say I’d want to actually go camping in a Jak Pak. It’s a jacket! A sleeping bag! A TENT!

…a tent??

More like a face tent. The inventors have a video showing how it works but I could barely hear him:

Perfect for getting beer! The mosquito net cracks me up, how would a mosquito get through all that “urethane coated ripstop nylon polyester body fabric? Here’s a video review

If you can sleep without moving and on anything, it could be a pretty sweet jacket. I’m fascinated by the lightweight minimalist hikey people and their innovations; this is certainly one of them. Also, if you’re into flashlilghts, these seem pretty good, I reckon.

I have a head lamp from Target and a lantern that do me fine – had the lantern a few years, now, no complaints.

Except for batteries. And, it’s a little tricky to unscrew and replace the batteries (which I’ve done…once? in a couple of years) but that’s because it’s waterproof. It’s got a hook that I can clip right onto the frame in my “tent” (the EZ Up) easy-peasy.

Maybe I will go look for a solar one today…problem with that is, it stays in my tent so there’s no solarity to charge it. So nevermind. The UFO light works really well, but it’s kinda cheap so if it breaks, it’s done.

It’s only five or six bucks @WalMart and it’s very bright. I used it more like a flashlight to find stuff in my tent. If you can hang it just right it works great as a lantern. And speaking of lanterns, you can just buy sky lanterns, flame resistant and bio-degradable.

Many will remember Tim Hetherington as a great photographer, but to call him such would be to pigeonhole his contributions. He himself acknowledged the changing topography of media: “If you are interested in mass communication, then you have to stop thinking of yourself as a photographer. We live in a post-photographic world. If you are interested in photography, then you are interested in something — in terms of mass communication — that is past. I am interested in reaching as many people as possible.”

And he did. He covered various conflicts in West Africa and contributed to two documentaries on Liberia and Darfur. In 2007, he began a yearlong assignment documenting a battalion of American troops stationed in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley as bait to the Taliban. He published a touching book Infidel, won his fourth World Press Photo of the Year for his coverage, and was nominated for an Oscar for his resulting documentary, apolitical and deeply human Restrepo. His broad experiences were also recorded an ethereal webvideo, “Diary”.Iconic Photos
Which you can watch.
That guy doing the reviews of Fenix flashlights and the JakPak took me to Eagle’s Nest Outfitters – great name for a hammock company. Without trees I’m not sure how practical their tarps and flys would be, but they sure have a variety of them.