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And now for something completely different…or at least not related to Burning Man.

June 22, 2009

Transformus is on some beautiful property. One of the best features is lakes – yes, not one, but TWO lakes.  One of which, I highly do NOT recommend jumping in, in April. Nuh-uh.

Said lakes are usually full of floaty things – standard issues rings and kiddie stuff.  My new job entails a lot of me staring at a monitor, trying to think of something to google, so for this fifteen minutes it is floats:

There’s a cooler inbetween the two seats.


It’s a hippopotamus. “I hump hippos.”

Paddleboat. Burn off those calories you just consumed at the floating bar.

Because the lake sure needs another floating bar…


Radio-control drinky-snacky holder!

Do you bite your thumb at me?? DEATH BY JOUST!


Bumper boats!

Last, but not least, a slide. A safe, non-labia injurious slide.