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Trash service!

August 21, 2011

Sadly, I lost all my photos yesterday but my friend Kristal Light, she of the Kentucky Hillbilly Burn (which sadly, apparently, is getting renamed), she and her compadres are offering a fantastic trash service to everybody.

We are offering to take your bag of trash away for $10 and your grey water (sealed bucket with lid only) for $15. Your bucket will get recycled into our Potty program at Reclaimation, the KY burn.

It’s to fund their CORE Project, which as you all know will be a stupendous display of effigys from regional burns. Theirs (…their’s?) is a barrel.

It’s first come, first serve, they have a 26-foot truck and water containers MUST BE SEALED. No sitting in Exodus staring at bags of trash (or smelling them). Schlepping it  from BRC to…wherever you’re going. For $10 bucks. Now, I’d just give Kristal $10 if she asked for it. She is that person with the heart to volunteer the worst EMS and Sanctuary shifts, doing the right thing when nobody else will step up. They’re a small, fiercely devoted group, these Kentucky burners, so seriously, take them your trash!

Ha! “These guys are great, give them your garbage and dirty nasty water!”

Deliver to Schizofrenzy, 4:30 & C. Pay ahead via PP or hand over cash there. Leave a comment and I’ll provide her email/PP info.