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Wow, that’s crazy and weird and hilarious.

September 9, 2011

One of my bookmarks, Superpunch, links to Burning Man videos from Cory Doctorow. And just guess which quadrant he was sitting in when he shot the Saturday night burn…that’s right, that’s me in the braids. How RANDOM is THAT!!! I barely take any pics, don’t go looking for any and the very first thing I see/watch when I get back is a famous guy’s videos that have me in them.

I’m a BRC Ranger, now – over half of the people who started the day with me didn’t make it. I could’ve cried. It’s intense. Maybe more on that another time.

I don’t know what I’ll have much to say any time soon. But I’ll try to keep up with any interesting links or photos I find. Like his brief video of the jellyfish.