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Goodwill round 2

April 16, 2010

To be clear, if you click on the photos it should take you to the item’s auction @ – ok, it will take you to the photo of the time, but you can figure it out from there, right?

Nine old keys…24 bids, over a hundred dollars.

I’d love to attach this mic to a megaphone:

Classiest pee jar EVAH!

Makes me want to smoke:

Suspended from a wrist strap, it has pockets for change, as well as clip for holding cigarettes. Has flip up mirror, and what appears to be a space for that special picture of loved one.

For those days when you’re tired of dry rations, stare at this like Bugs Bunny adrift with a hot dog:

Here’s a size 28 white gown!

Camp lounging, light and breezy but shading your delicate skin from the sun:

I might think about these boots:

At night, I’m definitely going to go for warmth and comfort, more than fashion (like last year – my boots were also comfortable, but didn’t fit by the end of the week). Speaking of staying warm:


These could go with the epees, or be made into some wicked scary masks

I wonder if anybody’s ever walked around in full-on scuba gear? Be hot as hell, during the day, but funny.

Thunderdome costume base:


Except I can’t find anything about it online…but it looks alright.

I’d get this for my pirate ship!:


January 27, 2010

Tents. Tents, tents and more tents. Perhaps the hardest thing to decide upon, and the most blogged about. Some women like shoes, I like tents. Though I ended up with a perfect tent (because it was a freakin’ space station DOME)

, IF I return to the playa (yesyes, “when,” whatever) I shan’t take it. It is a beast and a bear.

…it was perfect, though. A nice breeze to help me sleep. Ample space for changing, peeing, vomiting my brains out…felt very secure in the wind storms.

Would have been great for people to hang out in, during said windstorms, if anybody had taken me up on my offer.

Anyways. Back to tents.

I went looking for “vargo” and found some on Ebay:

Outwell Alderney Pop Up Tent 2009

It looks cool! I like the stripes.  It has a door on each end, so you could roll one up for the breeze. I don’t see where you stake it, though – and I’m sure it is as small as it looks. If there was a holding space for gear and food, it could work.

I”ve lost the descriptions for these. Like all tents, though, my first thought is “Suffocation.” With the rain fly on, no air will circulate. My little fan and fresh air was key in sleeping in the heat of the morning. The first one looks sleek, too, like it’d hold up well in a wind storm.

Wind storm! I loved walking around in the white out.

Next time I would definately change out my contacts and bring extra eye drops. One camp had a lovely eye wash station, but of course it does no good for contact wearers. Hopefully, in the next few months I’ll be getting lasik, eliminating the need for all that hoo-ha. It’d be sooo awesome…I’d be more likely to sleep in other camps, too, without my eyeballs to worry about. Curl up in front of PEX.

Anyways. Windstorms. A simple pair of goggles and my dust mask = A-OK. Lots of people thing goggles and respirators are for sissies, but I enjoyed being able to see and breathe 100% – I’m talking about the whiteouts, the serious storms. Most of the time I just had the bandanna, but for the can’tseeinfrontofyourface (it does happen!), the respirator was bitchin’.

Back to tents.

Or teepees/tipis. Sure, they look bad-ass, but how much more room do they give? I’d say none. The only advantage would be how cool you look. well, and maybe ease of set-up/lack of poles. Most of them do one pole in the middle and then you tie it down a lot. I’ve seen tipis (real ones) go up. It isn’t easy – or a one-person job.

This one claims one person can set it up in 10 minutes!

Plus, “Fabulous sand-like color creating a warm and gentle vibe, very romantic.”

Here’s a “pop-up” tent bigger than the ones I’ve seen so far,


A patented one-piece accordion-style frame that’s integrated into the tent expands easily as you push upward and automatically locks into place.

Sounds like an EZ Up to me.

I can’t find anymore information on it.

Here’s some more pop-up tents.

I like the look of this one

But double suffocation.

This has the same description for popping up and a window, so this could be on the list:

Just pick your spot, pull the Turbo Tent out of its bag, stake the corners then lock the legs at the first set of joints, step inside and push the top up, it’s that simple! This free-standing tent will hold its shape on its own if you’re unable to fully stake it down, making it a great choice for rocky or solid ground areas.

Here’s their actual site – there’s also some on Amazon. One good review (out of one review). Not sure how I did not see these before, in my years+ of tent research. Also well-reviewed on

The Freestander and the Pine Deluxe have the same 240×240 or 300×300, and I can’t tell much difference else. They show the Pine Deluxe with add-ons, so I don’t know what it looks like by itself.

The Pine View and the Freestander look identical, in the photos.

I’m not sure if this is the same company:

But the mechanics are the same.  And they look an awful lot alike.

Their Tanami looks neat

And only two poles?

I think the main issue would be the same as an EZ Up: aluminum/alloy legs. Read: will bend and break in wind. Solution: stick rebar up ’em.

I need a freakin’ sponsor!!

I learned a new word: glamping. I’m guessing “glamourous camping.” I hate the word. Luxurious camping – obviously, I am not a string up a hammock and call it a campsite kinda gal. But I don’t think paying people to set up tents and start fires for me qualifies as camping.

Yep, smart me and my etymology skills. Glamping. Every bit as stupid as the concept, and the people who do it.