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Furries and the pope…

June 15, 2010

Thriftin’ was mildly bountiful. Bountiful in a way that I’m like, “Oooo…but I will never wear this.”

It’s oddly shaped, and I’m thinking of using it as a hood for my playa cloak. My imaginary playa cloak…

It’s hard to stem a boot problem (as in, I have too many of them) when they’re like….fifty cents (dollar a pound Goodwill). Barbarella Queen of the Arctic Tundra…

Paintball mask?

Playa googles.

Creepy weird something else…

Now I just gotta figure out how to accumulate $600 or so in the next month or so…

I bought these things to make some pasties:

I tried to throw a dinner party, and finally framed my zombie/unicorn print.

It’s fairly ghetto and uneven (thanks, gin!) but the purple’s ok, and the diaphonous trim is stupid. I mean, awesome.

Whatever. I like it.

Back to thriftin’. I was SO sad this box was empty:

Oh, speaking of my ghetto-ass craftiness (and I use the term craftiness loosely…) I made my friend a bookmark. I super love making people stuff.

I won a crappy  Ebay auction of what I thought were nice Dresden Dolls prints. He mailed them late and threw in other stuff, like that Tori cut-out. She likes Tori, I make obituary bookmarks,

There was some shiny red stuff by the laminating machine and this faux-Oriental dangle in my car. Voila! And I am stealing this make-up idea:

The end.