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This is some meta 80s nostalgia right here. (a draft I just found from 5 years ago)

August 8, 2016

It was the sixth grade. My parents promised to pay half, if I earned the money for a Nintendo. A what? A Nintendo. I was the first kid on my block in Manhattan, Kansas, to have one. Though I eventually went on to do other things, like going back to not being popular and reading ten books at a time, for a while my little brother and I spent every hour immersed in 8-bit, beepbeepbloopbloopbeep wonderment.

Legend of Zelda, a precursor to “RPGs” and the style of gaming that seems to be the most popular now (WoW) was my favourite. I had the big ol’ map ripped from Nintendo Power and my finger ever-hovering on the pause button to figure out where the heck am I?? Where am I going? Unlike Punch-Out, Mario, Duck Hunt – and especially anything to do with the powerpad – LoZ appealed to my intellect, my curiousity and my love of story-telling.

Just like John Hughes movies (remember that book I recommended?. Well, they appealed to my love of 80s fashion (the day after I saw Breakfast Club I tried my best to dress exactly like Ally Sheedy had) and music, hot popular boys who ended up with hearts of gold and like most kids who love them, having the “dweeb” as the star. So, please to accept

The Legend of Zelda (1987) Trailer

(The latter half, just a montage, is better.)

A post-script, I watched Valley Girl for the nth time last night and will be trying to use this quote as much as possible:

“That technorock you guys listen to is GUTLESS!”

image from 365 Days of Cage, a pretty funny site