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Gizmo’s pics!

July 23, 2010

Disgraceland, the red-headed stepchild of CampCAMP, has a fantabulous photo album up – including pics of Lu Ellen and the gang. Do yerself a favour and enjoy the slideshow!

For Mod Mischief…

July 22, 2010

She graciously, generously donated $50 to my fund in exchange for 5 photos in a comic book/narrative style.

Poor little lonely Lu Ellen

It warnt  God what made honky tonk angels.

Up alone in the woods she set off to sit by the swimmin’ hole and drink upon  her sorrows.

But a nasty ol’ gator came up on her!

“Oh LAWD!” thought Lu Ellen, “I gotta rassle this gator! I ain’t dressed for them pearly gates!”

And rassle it Lu Ellen did, right down to the ground.

Back at the beauty parlor, watching the race, poor little lonely Lu Ellen realized that maybe, just maybe, there was more to life than Dale Jr. and muddin’.

Maybe that poor little gator was lonely too. So poor little lonely Lu Ellen apologized to the gator, and took him to the fun park.

Lonely and poor no more, with the newfound riches of friendship, little Lu Ellen and the gator toasted their adventures

and lived happily ever after.