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Be cool, stay in…

July 6, 2009

So I did it, I got a cooler. A Rubbermaid, 5-day cooler that I can’t find a picture of. 25 bucks at Big Lots, w00t! (Most I saw, well-reviewed and five day, were upwards of $40).

So…it kinda changes my usual menu routine. I can put (gluten-free) beer in it, I guess. Take some…some what?? I never really use a cooler, I have to tell my brain kitchen to expand and think of new recipes to try out…

Freezing food flat in ziploc bags is one of the greatest things ever. No packaging moop, saves space, adds cooling power.

Some people freeze their whole chest. Use dry ice. Line it with solar blankets. I think I’m just going to usey regular frozen water bottles and food + homemade frozen bags of water method.

Transformus will be the test run…I’ll report back.