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Packity Pack Pack

August 20, 2011

Well, I’m not using either of the two compression bags I got, despite overloving the first one. My new phone took awful pictures, but the final result was a huge brick

Just like the plastic bags. Last night I took everything out and redid it the normal way and freed up a lot of space. I’m feeling pretty ok on space, but not on what’s in there. I feel I need more sensible (read: boring) stuff, but I don’t own any!! I don’t even really wear jeans, IRL. I am, thanks to Mod Mischief (whose lamps would be a gorgeous, gorgeous night time installation piece, imagine hundreds of them all over deep playa), experimenting.

Local honey, local peaches, some peach pie spices and vodka.

I went to the $1lbGoodwill, found some sparkly jeans to size down

(that went amazingly well)

Tried to work more on the sparkly top…

My priority was to try and find some fabric to enlargen the Perfect Coat I bought in Asheville months and months ago. Black wool, cherry red lining, nips in at the waist and then flares out…and of course too small. And what did I find…

A perfecter coat except for the non-cherry red lining. I thought it fit…it’s also too small so there was that saga (making it bigger). FINALLY got that figured out and started on patches. How ’bout that collar, eh?

I totally feel like Captain Harlock when I wear it.

So, I just learned this, finding that link:

 In Japanese culture, the number 42 is associated with death (the numbers, pronounced separately as “four two”, sound like the words “shi ni” — meaning “to death”).

Did Douglas Adams know that?? Is that his secret meaning, the true meaning of life is death? We all live, to die.

That reminds me, I forgot to pack a towel…