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Fun theme camp stuff from Uline “shipping supply specialists”

June 28, 2011

Lord knows what I’d find in the embalming supplies catalogs.

(can’t link to or upload pictures)

Quarantine barricade tape – secure First Camp

Pop-up flashing traffic cones – folds flat, 100,000 flashes

ice cube bags – fill with plastic fake ice cubs and sell next to Artica for half the price

They have the big biohazard barrels, a variety of lab coats, baby changing stations and a magnetic rake. And “Made in China” stickers I’ve love to stick on the Man. Somebody needs to invent one that just picks up cigarette butts.


Temple of Transition

April 13, 2011

Kickstarter is the new black, and those Temple kids are on it! Spoiler alert: their page has the mock-up of this year’s Temple. It also lists what you get in exchange for your support, from a postcard to a pound of bacon to an aerial view of BRC. Risky, any idea what the shirts/hoodies will look like? I’m curious about the earrings, too:

With heartfelt admiration for your donation, we will send you one pair of beautiful microchip earrings with The Temple of Transition artwork on both sides. These are a special limited run made of a truly original material. Thin layers of metal, typically Ti-Tungsten and Gold, are sputter coated onto plates of 99.9% Alumina. Patterns are generated using a photo-transfer method, and when completed, create gold and gray images on a pure white background. It is an ultra-high reliability technology used in airborne, satellite, and deep space applications, with parts currently on the Rover on Mars.

You can also contribute money by saving money and opting for “No Reward.” Me, I’d opt for the bacon because I’d meet some of them and get to thank them in person, and then give bacon away.