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Playa foot

July 31, 2009

I think I touched on it back in the beginning (in between creating man and naming stars), but it can be – or is – an issue.

I haven’t thought too much about it, as so far burners seem to be heat-scared yella bellied sissies!

Me, I run barefoot over rocks, grass and riverstreams yearlong in hundreds of degrees weather, so I ain’t skeered!

Well, except the “sand” there is a whole other cthulu. Here’s some more specific info:

Playa powder is a base, the opposite of an acid, and it burns your skin just like an acid. To treat your skin (feet, hands, whatever), first remove the powder. When the powder mixes with a liquid (sweat, tears, saliva, mucous, sun tan lotion), it can cause burns on whatever it’s on. So remove it. To reverse the action, add an acid (to reverse a flame burn, add cool water, to reverse an acid burn, add a base) – he suggests 1 part plain white vinegar to 3 parts water. Dry the skin. Assuming it’s not a bad burn (and it’s likely not), add moisturizer at night and sleep in it. Adding moisturizer before you head out may cause playa powder to stick to your skin and become moist, so use your judgment.

The evidence of a base burn on the playa is a crack in the skin that’s black and doesn’t bleed – the burn cauterized the wound. That’s what I get in my feet if I don’t wear shoes and sock – your mileage will vary; some people are not affected at all – lucky devils.

The instructor recommends washing, adding the vinegar solution, and drying at least once a day; moisturizing at night when you’ve hit the sack.

Ew! Crazy! Black cracks in my skin! Because it instantly cauterizes?? Yowsa.

If sweat makes it worse, and I’m walking around in all this dust, sweating because it is hot, with my hands exposed and whatnot…hm. Eck.