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On dust storms

February 10, 2011

Also, I posted this back when I started but it’s always a good read. Recently I watched a couple of videos shot during one of the white-outs. One thing that always kinda boggles peoples minds, when they look at my photographs, is the dust.

 Ever-present. And that’s actually a pretty clear picture, from 2009.

“See?” I point out, “that’s there all.the.time.” All of those dust particles sticking to you from head to toe. You breathe it in whether you like it or not, and some asthmatics and people concerned with their lungs go into great detail, discussing the dust’s ph balance and…um…other sciencey stuff. I remember my first white out…I couldn’t see a thing. Earlier in the day I’d been riding bikes with Ben and Brody when it started swirling up. I had a hard time staying with them because I couldn’t see them. Visibility wasn’t too bad yet I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. I had to cut the ride short to go back to my tent and change my contacts. Once there I donned my mask and goggles and went for a walkabout. I could tell it was getting darker but I really couldn’t see much – at one point some cars drove by and I could see their headlights through the fog of playa dust. I started following them out to wherever they were going but thought, “Well, if I can’t see other people, they can’t see me, and maybe I don’t want to get run over.”

Anyways, this

shows the lighter side of a storm. I’d joked one day about how I was a REAL burner because all I need is a bandana! Fuck you, dust storm! Well, by the end of the week and especially after last year

(that’s not last year, just a more dusty video)

I was really thankful for my goggles and dust mask – well, masks, since I ended up wearing the prop one several times last year.

Goggles redux

May 23, 2010

I pondered goggles last year (here) and ended up borrowing some – they’re on my must-have list. It was very nice to be able to move freely in a whiteout. I might even wear them more often, just to help my eyes out, this year. I was really, really hoping to get Lasik for the burn season, but hell. Money.

Goggles. Maximum Eyewear even has a “Burning Man” category.

I know I want them big enough to cover my glasses, if need be, and not have crappy foam. These military ones are still looking good, but I’m thinking a fold-up pair would be nice.

Found this nifty-looking dust mask.

This style is exactly what I’m looking for, large area of vision and fold-up. Gonna keep an eye out for something, cheaper, though…I’m not buying stuff like that until AFTER I get necessities taken care of.

Like getting TO BRC…I’m mildly bummed I missed Stag Camp registration, but I bet if I asked pretty please, they’d squeeze me in. My top choice now is smack on the Esp, one factor which manages to negate the otherwise Epic nature of the deal…unfortunately, looking at goggles has led me to tents. More tents. Making me tense. Har har.

I generally avoid more commercial-name tents but here’s a Coleman and Swiss Gear that caught my eye

Coleman Weathermaster Legacy has pretty good reviews, including “easy to set up.” My friend has used her Swiss Gear – from Wal-Mart – for years, now. This one’s kinda cute:

This Cabela one is on the list (ha ha ha, yeah right. My list of 300 domiciles I want to try out…I just need a job as a tent tester!).