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I’m not sorry for the lack of posting…

June 5, 2011

I have to say I do kinda miss being more of a virgin and spending all day looking at tents. I’ve spent the past few days trying to juggle money, figure out what can go (the only superfluous regular expense I have is Netflix!) and worrying about how I will go to BRC. It looks like flying will be my only option…I was really looking forward to getting to drive again.

Anyways. I’m going to apply for a job with the BORG that I applied for last  year, working in the office. I sent out applications to free-lance for some local publications. Posted that corset to Craigslist. Last night, after a Hoarders marathon at work, I spent the evening in my sewing/costume/crafts room. I emptied out four bags of trash/donation, one bag of Sparklepony Lounge give-aways and got my Megaton crafts organized.

Even my sweet-as-pie, uberChristian wonderful mom said, “What are you doing home on a Saturday night??” Trying not to cry, mother dearest, and stay busy and focused…what? You haven’t heard of Megaton?

There are of course, the RAIDERS. Those anarchistic ruffians…Warm beer, cold women: MEGATON, BRC’s first & last rock’n’roll wasteland dive bar; a refuge from the happiness & organization. Moonshine, 6-8 fights to a pint! No GD techno. Good luck getting past the door guy! SPARKLE PONIES SHOT ON SIGHT. Disclaimers: By entering into the Booby Bar, you have automatically consented to hold the Booby Bar, Playawaste Raiders, Terminal City and all affiliates thereof free from liability regarding any & all injuries, dismemberments or death. Suck it.

In addition to playing Jucifer, Clutch, the Vandals, Lunachicks, music from Fallout (40s/swingish), I’m making  a BRC Family Circus book. You caption the cartoons, then I’ll compile the best ones and mail it out post-BM.