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August 6, 2016

You gotta take a look at this logo:


It glitters! If I had a job two of these pins and sweet tank top would be MINE! Never too late for a birthday present!

Every bit of gold helps bring the Unicorner to BRC!

The first thing when I get home from a burn

July 30, 2010

And I know it’s my imagination, they’re just cats, but they seem so happy to see me, as though they missed me.

They’re all over me, and I loves it. For some reason ChaCha likes to curl up on my shoulder, right in my hair.

In further softcuddlythingsonyourhead news, a loverly Eplayan randomly (well, not totally random, she knew I was trying to scrape together money to go to Burning Man) said, “Make me an animal hat.” There’s some sort of animal hat night, or animal night, at Booby Bar and she needed a hat. My goal: something packable, warm and of course…awesome. Having never made a hat before, much less one with a personality, for a stranger (ie, what colors? fabrics? animal? style? size?) I admit I found the task daunting.

She left the animal up to me, so I of course chose unicorn. I had the models on stand-by.

I started with a basic cap pattern (and just last night I was daydreaming about Pennsic)

Next: the nose! Or rather, muzzle. Very important.

Tried to follow the shape of the model’s nose

(Materials: red jersey, stuffing from a stuffed animal, pink curly fur, eyeballs ripped from a stuffed animals face – Elmo, actually, gold trim…


The whole hat ended up being hand-sewn – which I prefer (it’s the anachronism in me…).

I prefer to use contrasting thread because it makes mistakes easier to see/rip out. Et voila! It has a nose!

I wanted to make it a bad-ass punk rock unicorn, of course. I had some leftover supplies from Malicious (my unicorn costume I wore in BRC last year)

Added some matching fur – tried to use sewing machine

It was like the blob, swallowing up everything it touched, on my sewing machine. But it came together nicely – at which point I got worried. Things were going WAY too smoothly.

Onto the ears.

The initial shape isn’t too hard to get right

But placement involved a lot of craning into the mirror and cursing. During which I realized…this nose is out of control.

I went ahead and placed the eyes

Now it was down to the fine-tuning. Eyelashes? Nose ring? A bridle seemed to make it more horse-like, but…and that nose! I asked visitors what they thought it was.



….so I went with dragon. I had leftover fabric but again, not knowing the client’s tastes, I wasn’t sure what to do. I made a cuff with matching spikes and included the rest of the bits, for her to use as she pleased.

And, thank Zeus, she is pleased!! 

So thanks, N, for your thinking of me, your willingness to help me get to BM, and your confidence in my sewing abilities!