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In which I reply to a comment.

July 8, 2010

My point is, can you drive?

Nope. If I could drive, there’d be no problem! What’s the opposite of a problem? It’d be good, golden – beyond awesome, because I’d be driving out with crazy awesome people from  Asheville. We’d have my stuff, my bike and me, it’d be only $125 (as opposed to $500+)…I can’t drive. That’s why I’m in this pickle.

Find a ride with someone else on a tight shedule and offer to share shifts with them.

Last year, seven people, driving around the clock – literally, sleeping on the futon in the back of the bus, stopping only for gas – it took three days. It was supposed to take two, but shit happens. Plus, everybody I know (probably…at least 20 people I’ve asked) are either driving or flying.

Even if you want to catch the Temple burn, you only have to take one extra day off. (Tuesday.) if you leave on Sunday morning you could still make it.

Sunday night’s an important night for me, don’t want to miss it. Thinking about a late flight Monday, maybe.

Have you checked out kickstarter? 

Yes, actually.  What I read, though, didn’t really sound like it was applicable to my situation. I signed up with  Fiverr, too, but haven’t made the minimum balance to withdraw funds (only $40).

So GREAT news, you guys. It will be five days off, because the other days are my regular days off. Whew! So Alchemy is definitely safe, worktimeoffwise.

So I can fly out Aug. 30 or 31st. To Reno, or…? I wonder if SF would be a better option? Probably not. Then drive back to Reno Monday and fly out Monday night or sometime Tuesday.

That’s my plan.

Ah, plans…last year my plan was to go as early as possible (had hoped to join DPW), stay as late as possible and meet a circus to join or a rich benefactor who needed a P.A., and move…anyways.

Buy these shoes.

I call them my “subway shoes” because they have maps of someplace in the sole and heel.

Even mappy stuff on the bottom.

They’re hardly worn because, well…I spend most of my time barefoot. They’re 8.5 (I wear 8.5-10, depending on the shoe).

Black with light grey and eggplant detail.

$15 (inc. shipping and handling) or combine with other items for a payoneprice box…now this.

This! My “dick” belt buckle. Never seen another like it.

I’ve got it on a plain white belt from the Army Navy store, but it’ll go on anything.

$15, etcetcetc!

Locally, I’m selling my chair.

I say “my chair” because it’s the only one I have…I doubt anybody will buy my WWN collection, it is SO hilarious.

I got hooked on it driving through NOWHERE, S.C. The odd little gas station had a copy on the front counter, proclaiming Osama and Saddam were lovers – and had the pictures to prove it!

The headlines are hilarious, the “photos” sometimes are so bad they’re allontheirown funny…and the stories just get ingenious.

 And that’s just a smidgen. I have 17 issues, if anybody’s interested…great decor for bathrooms, theme camps, etc. Not to mention decoupage.

One of the very first camping things I got, was a gift.

It’s heavy…I don’t see military people buying it because of the pagan makeover.

I finally remembered to take a picture of my ticket’s home:

(Skabs) (Zombie Girl – that’s me on the label – is a batch of gluten-free, flaxseed beer a friend made me many moons ago)

The magnet holding it up:

Speaking of magnets…I make awesome ones. You should buy them.

Pop quiz! Name my favourite bands pictured here!

There’s some for the Gaga fans:

Sookie and the Situation

The holy trinity

(Yes, I realize that’s two, not three. It’s a joke.)

I’m pretty proud of this one:

Just kinda want to lick this one:

The boys of Philly!

(I gave Sweet D and Lorelai to a friend)

There’s an Alice in Wonderland set, for any Burton/Depp fans:

My magnets are better than the similar ones I’ve seen because mine work. They hold shit up.

I started packing for Tmus last night.

Why yes, that is two pink flamingos, a pink flamingo’s head, a severed hand and foot, a glowinthedark flamingo skeleton and a sword.

I boxed up a commissioned accessory for a little soiree at a little place called the Booby Bar. I also wrote some thank you notes for the people who have made a dent in my BRC fund.

ChaCha helped.

Airline stuff…

July 2, 2010

I can’t find any airfare less than $500 (rounded up from $461 to cover misc. fees and taxes. Flying out of ATL would only save me about a hundred bucks – and I’d have to find someone who could drop me off and pick, me up, and reimburse them for a tank or two of gas, which could be $100 in it’s own; Charlotte also offers no significant savings; Greenville is the same as Cola).

Then another $55 if I check two bags – and I’ve got bins, can I even check bins? And have them weigh 50lbs or less? I’m fairly confident I could fit most of the clothes into a carry-on – though the cloak I am theoretically making will be huge…I’m scared of the stuff getting lost and winding up on-playa with NOTHING. A tent or the dome won’t fit into a bin. I’d have to check the dome. So that’d be $155 just for getting my luggage to Reno.

Leave here at 6 a.m., get to Reno @ 10:45 – I went as early as possible.

Then finding a ride to zee desert…

And that doesn’t include food/cooler…ARGH. WHY IS THIS SO F’ING COMPLICATED??

Here’s TSA’s guidelines.

If I didn’t have a job, I’d be all set. $125 for me and my stuff, plus the adventure of the cross-country drive.

I am very, very frustrated. It’s like I’m this close…but nothing’s coming together.

Except my new sticker for DSB.

I cropped out and cut and pasted every damn letter from a font alphabet I found…it might be ghetto, but I’ve got skills. Gluesticks and scissors, homes!