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F it. Tents and more…

July 27, 2009

My wife and I personally swear by the one from Target.    We owned one and used it at several events.    Was easy enough to set up that I can do it by myself.    It’s blood huge inside.    To give you an idea of how much we like it ours was stolen.   I’ve got to get a new one for Alchemy.   I’m buying the exact same one again.    I don’t know how to give higher praise to something that when you have to replace it getting the same thing again.   The only thing I don’t like is the front screen room section never did go quite like they show.   It does work but it sags a bit.   Overall very minor.    And it fits into an amazingly small package for storage.   I’ve used a lot of tents over the years and looked at even more.   Unless someone comes up with something truly amazing I’m sticking with that one for good.

Yeah…I was thinking this weekend I need to stop driving myself crazy and just go buy some sort of tent. Or just take the one I have and deal with suffocation. Target had a couple I liked OK.

I’m thrilled the beeyouteeful Ms. Tess ( has joined the commenter club, sharing her theme camp experience(s):

I camped with “Anti-M’s Home for Wayward Art” which is within Hushville. I didn’t really spend that many nights at home, I usually stayed up until sunrise and sometimes fell asleep on art projects in the playa 🙂 Towards the end I met someone and I stayed with him at “Kontainer Kamp” which is within the (defunct, this year, I believe) “Boston Hive” (which contains/contained all the boston area theme camps). It was definitely more noisy as it was on the esplanade but it wasn’t the end of the world 🙂

Last year I stayed with Kontainer Kamp and the Boston Village was right next to some really bad euro pop club place that just had their ipod on endless loop for most of the event, no dj’s as far as I know. Same songs over and over again. Speakers pointed left and right versus out towards the esplanade. One morning Automatic Subconcious turned their giant speakers at them at 7 am and had a pantera wake up. It finally got them to negotiate reasonably and turn their speakers the right direction.

Um Um…Kostume Kult was next to them so they had to endure the annoyance.

Point of this post…you can sleep wherever you want to once you have your tent set up. But, if you are camped right next to the action and you desperately need to have your own space and have it be quiet RIGHT THIS SECOND you can’t exactly get away 🙂

personally I deal with constant noise pollution. Below me is Niel who makes experimental noise music. At 5 am.  Chainsaws. Guns. Etc.  Above me is a wood shop who begins working at 6 am. They like to drop stuff.  White noise + ear plugs + desensitization and chilling out are my methods of handling preposterous amounts of noise.  I can’t really complain since we have the space we live in to make as much noise and we want to whenever we want to.  I certainly don’t want people complaining when I’m inspired to do construction and knock down the false ceiling in my room at 4 am 😉

Let me know where you are camped when you figure out!!! I want to hang out with you!!! I’ll be at Automatic Subconcious, don’t know the street address yet but they’ll be in the guide + should be on the esplanade.

Small world, out of what, 30-40 thousand, and someone I know IRL camped with someone I know on the internets…and anyways…I’m going with Big Puffy Yellow (unless I get some sort of amazing offer), supposedly maybe on the Esplanade, whatever that is.

Earplugs are your friend. I can hear the bass, usually, but not people right outside, talking to me.  Which is a bummer, when cute boys walk allll the way across Mysteria to say good-bye, and you’re actually awake and just lazing, but can’t hear them talking to your campmates.


I have to say….my boyfriend went home to Seattle after his first Burning Man, tried to find a Burner community in Seattle….it didn’t quite work (they don’t have much of a community and a lot of it is the drug-and-raves type)…and he eventually moved down here to the SF Bay Area to be closer to art and community and the Burning Man culture.

Best decision he’s ever made, he says.

I’m just sayin’. Burning Man (and associated events) can ruin you for places where there’s not stuff like that year-round.




I had actually planned to make cards saying something like, “Can you help me find a new place to live?”

I wanted to go to the playa, and never come back. My favourite ass clown is doing just that, putting her stuff in storage and going to BM, with nary an idea of what will happen next…and I’m so jealous. Envious.

I just got a job offer that I couldn’t turn down. 😦 Not to mention a mortgage, four cats and an entire room devoted to clothes…no college degree, a super low cost of living…but yeah. I already was lonely here, and hated this town, and cried myself to sleep at night thinking about all the wonderful things going on elsewhere I was missing out on, as the birthdays ticked by…and burns have not helped.

Well, that isn’t entirely true. Decomp blues aside, it is certainly better to have the boring, lonely life AND burns, than just the boring lonely life, no?