Sunscreen on a plane?

August 8, 2016

As of this writing I have around 20 things of sunscreen, from small travel tubes to big spray cans and everything in-between. I hate wearing sunscreen – I don’t even use lotion so covering myself with stuff feels gross.

Not as gross as being sunburned, though, which my pale skin does if I *think* about the sun.

But it’s aerosol. Seems flammable or combustible and something the TSA won’t let you fly with. Congrats! You can have spray sunscreen in both your carry-on AND your checked bag.  Note, though, that it has to be a certain size for carry-on. Normal size cans of sunscreen are bigger (mine are 5 and 6 oz) have to go in checked bags. Still! I don’t have to waste my precious pennies on more damn sunscreen!





August 6, 2016

You gotta take a look at this logo:


It glitters! If I had a job two of these pins and sweet tank top would be MINE! Never too late for a birthday present!

Every bit of gold helps bring the Unicorner to BRC!

Today in Shopping

August 5, 2016

One of the best and worst things about this trip is buying stuff. Yay new toys! Ugh I need this money for “car insurance.” Here’s an Amazon list I put together with a few “must-haves.” I should figure out how to do that thing where if you buy from the link from my page I make money. Because I need this.


  1. It’s Saturday. I go to pull my boots on for some wandering and they will not go on my foot. Like they shrunk 2 sizes overnight. They *will* not fit. Not like, they feel tight. I couldn’t pull them on. My friends suggested my feet were swollen from all the walking. Huh. Ok.
  2. Leather ruined. Zippers broken. Took a shitty pair of cheap boots with insoles in them and voila, perfect playa feet costume. Rainboots included, at my regionals. This year I needed day shoes and found, for the first time, some Ranger shoes (aka brown, a color I do not wear) AND some awesome boots. Found these for cheap at TJ Maxx. f20160805_161344[1]$3 motorcyle boots that make me feel cool, new boots; not pictures: the black vans I got for daytime because they have DISAPPEARED. I want to maybe paint the toes, no clue what would be “me.”

Skin Food is an amazing moisturizer. With Weleda prices. I found a tube at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s for $3. I use it mostly around my eyes, because I am a freak about looking all old and gross (remember this my blog, where I write whatever I want, and not a public forum to lecture me on body pride and how beautiful life lines are). I’m excited to have it in the desert this year. Scored a 241 for $8 today.

Totally splurged on some bike lights, $5. It looks like I’m bringing my own bike, this year. I need a basket, too, if anyone has a cheap recommendation. I haven’t had great success with bungee cords and a milk crate. They are SO handy, when you’re riding around. Especially at night in my coat, which is difficult to bike in (due to length).

Check-out lane whim, space bags. Which I’ve repeatedly posted my dislike for. But I’m flying again, so anything I can do to cram shit in my bag…these you roll up, you don’t vacuum. However, I got back to the car and looked at them and thought, “These are pointless.” I put every single outfit into a ziploc bag. Clothes, socks, underwear, jewelry, all of into one bag. Keeps things dust-free (until you wear them) and organized. I’ll fill one back with socks/knickers/black leggings/hosiery. The clunkiest thing, my coat, doesn’t really get smaller. I kinda want a down one, down compresses VERY Well. Anyways. I’ll be posting about these later.

Re-upped on my favorite face wipes (I’m a freak about keeping my face clean, I break out very, very quickly, all over, and it makes me so self-conscious I won’t leave the house). I’m a big exfoliater, every day, I don’t care if They say it microtears your skin. It keeps my skin clear. These have a really scrubby side that I like. One pack of these ($3) lasted me…3 burns? Also got a pack of these to try. I suppose I should put photos here…I don’t feel like the hassle right now.

I probably brought…god, 20 costumes my first year. Prom gowns and all. I would go back in time and pat myself on the head, “No.” Over the years I have minimalized *so much.* It makes me kind of sad, when I see old posts with all the stuff I made. Does not make me sad when I have half as much stuff to lug around, and my bag isn’t full of stuff I never even touched to wear. Comfort is priority. Mobility (riding a bike) is a must. I get sad because I don’t feel as pretty or interesting as everyone else (Burning Man is terrible on  what little self-esteem I have) but it cuts down on luggage (leaving room for food) and is realistic.

Tights (I think my knees are fat and ugly) and something lightweight and mobile. Swimsuits are my new favorite burn outfit. Got a couple of boyshorts ($7) to wear under dressed and with tank tops. A-line white tank tops, because I try not to say “wifebeater” anymore.

They also had a wide variety of Batiste dry shampoo for $5. I bought the brunette spray for Transformus last year, and it totally turned my hair white and ashy. Did not like. I do like this stuff a lot – and no aerosol. The big trick is to brush it through your hair! So it can absorb the oil. I haven’t used the spray since that one time, because it looked SO bad, but I suspect not brushing it was part of the problem. I did notice after several uses that it was leaving grit in my hair.

This is the first year I’m camping without a shower. I don’t really like baby wipes, they wipe stuff off, sure. But I don’t feel clean. Sticky and film-y. Plus so wasteful. And the kind with no fragrances and BS cost more. A friend gifted me one of these to try, claiming he was pleased with how they work. Meh. They’re squares, fairly thin, and really soft.



You wet them and use like a washcloth/wipe. I hadn’t showered in four days and just gotten home from running errands in triple-digit weather and no air conditioning. Figured it was the perfect chance for a test run.

Pros: thicker than baby wipes, zero fragrance, nice lather like you’re showering, dries fast, totally got rid of my b.o.

Cons: no good to wash hair, still didn’t feel “clean.” Wasn’t like…sticky but skin felt….really light film. Face didn’t feel clean at all. Biggest con, price. $14 for 25 vs. $14 for 384. Still kinda fun and a nice treat though, to get that shower feeling (with the later) feeling. I have a second one I’m saving for a dirty day in the desert, see how it attacks playa dust.


Accidentally found while looking for “wipes,” a-ha ha ha ha ha.


Wow. What? I’m guessing “fuck off” but what?


If I had the money and knew they’d be a great fit, I would need me a few of those gems.

In which I sum up

August 5, 2016

Four years. Has it been so long? I had to resend my password and I’m staring at this template, trying to clear the dust off how to do all this. I haven’t stopped writing. My brain is an incessant hamster wheel spinning posts constantly. I just don’t write them down. Such is the grief of a writer, to find that magical balance between being a miserable lonely person and having the confident to think people want to read what you, such a wretch, think and feel.

I had so many questions. I did so much research. I tried so many things. I sewed like crazy!

I’m a different person, now. Experience and grief will change you. The world is a different place, Facebook is god. I have a cellphone. After five times and a gazillion more regionals, I feel pretty confident about what works for me, at the burn, and enough people have confirmed this that I feel like maybe striking up the ol’ blog.

Still written mostly for me (so it’ll be personal and rambly).

Thank you for reading and bringing some of that confidence back.

February 16, 2012

“Unlike the puerile loyalty to a conviction, loyalty to a friend is a virtue – perhaps the only virtue, the last remaining one.”
—Milan Kundera, Encounter


September 25, 2011

September 15, 2011




In any man who dies there dies with him
his first snow and kiss and fight….
Not people die but worlds die in them.

~Yevgeny Yevtushenko, “People”

Slowly filtering through pictures and videos to share

September 14, 2011

From the Big Picture, captions are lacking ( “the Burning Man”) but some nice photographs. Including

 tea ceremony with Ken Hamazaki

I was very honored to be in the camp that hosted Ken and a small contingent of Japanese – one fun little anecdote for me was when I was rangering perimeter Saturday night, and they walked by and recognized me and we waved and laughed and hello’d at each other.

Why the Nose?

September 14, 2011

From MyDisguises. is dedicated to the act of wearing a clown nose, in order to make people smile. It’s really that simple. In a world filled with distractions and distrust, you’d be amazed at how many people (of all ages) have lost a sense of innocence. Or maybe you wouldn’t…

Wearing a clown nose is fun, it’s childlike, it’s easy and it’s free (if you already have the nose). We’re not trying to sell anything, we’re only showing you how easy it is to change someone’s day.

The pros/cons list from the job I wanted so, so very, very much.

September 11, 2011