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For the most part, I hate it when people talk about me behind my back but

April 10, 2011

“There will be some who are just complete asses and then there are some like MH who can be an utter bitch if you piss her off or if she is just in a mood for it but who is for the most part at least in my experience one of the sweetest people I have meet at Alchemy.”

Ha! Way to ruin my cover, JERKFACE! Just kidding. There’s a hullabaloo because Alchemy’s first tier was $5 this year, with a limit of ten tickets, and all 500 sold out in like, five minutes.

“I have found burn culture to have a hard edge that is unexpected to people coming from more universally loving environments like raves (PLUR) and Rainbow gatherings. Maybe it’s because we hang out in the desert and have to try not to die all the time. The first night I was on the playa, I was looking for the bathroom, and someone tried to steal my map. But it was all in good fun. If you are expecting universal peace, love, light, and universal acceptance, you are bound to be disappointed, but if you get past that disappointment, I think you are likely to find something you like even better.

I love you; fuck off.” – TryMe

In other regional burn news…I’m on the ticket!!

With Scratch from Scratch’s Costume Camp, and Captain Ryan’s dragon.

And my favorite other goth megaphoning ELITE BURNER, Meganphone of Camp Shut the Fuck Up,  is part of the BEST back of a ticket I’ve EVER SEEN.

Picture dump

March 17, 2011

The other weekend I went to ATL. It was to be a fantasmic mini-vacation, four days of whatever I wanted and my favorite people. It didn’t quite end up that way…apparently ATL cops have a policy that EVERYbody on the scene gets handcuffed, regardless of if you just pulled up a few minutes prior to their arrival and have not a single thing to do with what’s going on. But oh no, you can still stand there shivering in the cold rain while we figure out what happened with these people you don’t really know…grr. GRR. Fucked up the rest of my weekend mentally and physically – not to mention having to decide how to treat someone who, until this point, you considered a friend (as much of a friend as a social aquaintance can be) after violence and aggression have surfaced.

Me, I have a high threshold for jack-assery. I’ve often said, “Most of my best friends have been assholes.” However, I have a zero tolerance policy for malicious intent and violence. Thankfully it was only my weekend that got hurt, not my antique door or 8year-old best friendship, but still. People never cease to surprise. Back to the favorite people.

A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they’re not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they’re not so bad.  ~Arnold H. Glasgow

  Except for Saturday night when I had to crash out at the scene of the crime, I ended up spending the whole weekend with my adoptive parents you see there. My home-away-from-home, I call their apartment, where “my room” is always there for me underneath the Legos and records. They are some great burners, truly some of my first burner friends.

It was a warm, summer day at Transformus. I was setting up in Camp BDSM (bacon, donuts, sausage, maple syrup – why, what were you thinking?). I wasn’t supposed to be, but I knew them and they were unable to come at the last minute. So, I took their spot! (They ended up coming after all – coolly enough I was working gate when they showed up, so I was able to tell them!). I think this was the very first time I’d camped in the EZ Up.

I had my fancy sign, my flamingos, unicorn shrine, record bowl tree….of course that picture was after I got the damn thing up. How did that happen? Well, there I am all on my lonesome when this lovely couple comes walking by and stops. “Do you need help?” I hesitantly said, “Yes!”

I was new to this thing, not being able to set up my own tent felt HORRIBLY un-radical. Turns out, she’s gluten-free! And loves Morrissey! Fast-forward these many years later, and I truly consider her one of my best friends. They are both painfully smart, LOVE to cook and eat and drink and watch movies all day when they’re hungover- and are gluten-free. So it’s just great knowing that when we visit I don’t have to worry about food (aside from eating too much of it) or planning anything, because we’re so in-synch. AND they have a very good-looking dog. Plus, Nummy is an LNT queen and has helped me really hone my MOOPing skills.

Back to brunch. We arrived to find a couple sitting there, sketching.

Holy moses! She looked up and I had one of those, blink-blink…what the…Sarah!! She and I met Alchemy ’08, the Year of Doom.

This was the summer of unemployment, my big “I’m going to Burning Man and hopefully not coming back…” bliss (see aforementioned post about how I have zero, none, nunca problems with not having a job). She thought she knew a bus I could ride out early on, and some people in DPW to hook up with – that didn’t happen, but it was so random to see her. I hadn’t seen her since that Alchemy. She was in school in Tenn., at the time, and now lives in Brooklyn.

So there was my besties (I hate that word), this random (notice the DPW hoodie, oh yeah, that’s how I roll, L33t!) lady and my other favorite couple (though, now that I am part of a couple, I can’t really hrmph them anymore):

My captain and his first mate – my captain and I were recovering that morning from our bonding experience the night before of being handcuffed together – not together-together. Simultaneously. You decide to go to a small, grown-up house  party in the burbs, call it and early night and look where it gets you. Handcuffed! You never knew your nose could itch so much in your LIFE!

Do you know where PMS and hunger get you at the grocery store! Uh, ice cream.

 – Phish Food in frozen yogurt. Oh sweet Jesus! 20g of fat per pint instead of 80-something. Yes, per PINT. There’s not really THAT muc h ice cream in there…shut up.

-Late Night  Snack – a new flavor I can eat! Usually they have cookies, pie crust, graham crackers or something I can’t eat. I used to like Chubby Hubby, and this is pretty similar. Vanilla with caramel swirls and chocolate-covered potato chips. Yes, that’s right. And it’s delicious.

– Clusterfluff – I can’t recall any peanut butter flavor really being peanut buttery enough to satisfy. Sometimes it starts out good, but then just tastes bland.  So far, this one takes the prize. Peanut butter ice cream with caramel bits, marshmallow sludge and peanut butter swirls. I hope they keep it around.

I went bowling last month.

I hate bowling. I can’t drink beer and it involves exercise. I’m not good at sports of any sort. Except if by “marathon” you mean “binge drinking.” I felt out-of-place (not hard to, surrounded by cammo pants, un-ironic trucker hats and children) and ridiculously uncoordinated. But it was fun. Keith

snuck me in a 6-pack of Redbridge and paid the guy to look the other way. I wouldn’t do it often, but it was pretty fun.

Every Friday a guy in a pick-up truck pulls up outside the funeral home, his bed loaded with produce. I got an

avacado about the size of a softball. It got diced and stirred into tomatos/shrimp/onion/sour cream/hot sauce/cheddar and poured onto tortilla chips.

You’ll remember this shirt,  it has a friend!


September 10, 2010

Mmmm…DOOM JUICE! The playa has now witnessed the power of DOOM JUICE. Some succeeded. Some failed. People have such visceral reactions to Jagermeister. My first big burn, Transformus, my “gift”  – well, I was the Jager Faerie. Barenjager and Jagermeister, two of my favourites. Big bottles of them. Heavy bottles.

…I got real drunk, real fast! Same with this past….erm…Saturday? I made some DOOM JUICE, pickle juice and Jager. It was deeelishous. Took it to the masses. Now, though, I’m more prone to make them drink it, than I was when I was just a sweet, sweet little virgin burner.

Now, I have a megaphone.


July 23, 2010

Y’all saw my Saturday afternoon…most of the pics will be on mah FB. Boobies! My boobies!

Here’s a teensy peek at Valhalla – let’s just reiterate what a foreign, unwelcoming environment the playa is for me, eh?

Although Cabal did ask, “Playa dust or mud?” Playa dust! We all answered in unison.

In BRC I wandered for hours in search of a drink. In Narnia, I can’t get through breakfast without being handed one.

I was up early enough for IHOP’s annual Sunday tradition!

The pancakes go in us, the whiskey goes in the chefs…

This year’s feature? Candied bacon and Twinkie pancakes.

Philosopher’s Stone had a brilliant futon,

adjustable to your needs

They, and all my neighbors, were wonderful.

Disgraceland of course, where Lu Ellen watched the race  but didn’t get herself a faboo make-over

My favourite Ripe n Juicy Bubble campers defected to Scratch’s Costume Camp

I enjoyed when she returned with her facial hair all smeared to hell

And that’s just one afternoon!

Gizmo’s pics!

July 23, 2010

Disgraceland, the red-headed stepchild of CampCAMP, has a fantabulous photo album up – including pics of Lu Ellen and the gang. Do yerself a favour and enjoy the slideshow!