Tres Latin mini pupusas

*let’s file this under “drunk drafts I didn’t even know were here


Apparently I can’t remember the login stuff for the GF blog I tried to have, 10 years ago when nobody cared, so here I am.

Great show at Star Bar. LeavingwhenstaffsaysGTFOgreat. I’ve been drinking. I need a snack. I know if I get home, and there is nothing crunchy and….other things, not exactly sure what I want, I will be sad.

Kroger’s on the way home, I’ll pop in and grab something. I had to wander. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted. I figured something in the freezer section would grab me, something to throw in the microwave and crisp on, fall asleep, regret is for tomorrow.


Nothing grabbed me, though. It was all gross, and/or gluteny. Then I noticed the hippie part, “Oh! Those freezers! Something there”! Dumb, dumb, everything is dumb, MINI JALAPENO SOMETHING SHITS! yay! perfect. pupusas are god’s manna.


No microwave. Pot. Oil. Takes forever, not 2 minutes. hot on one side, cold on the other. 1 bag, one serving. I added cheese. Basic flavor is like…like they scientifically flavored it. corn. corn meal. pupusa. the odd bite had a punch of jalapeno, but over all….I don’t get the point. One pupusa would’ve been about he same, if not better for a bigger concentration of stuffing. Once the fry finally got going, and I poked at them, I got the nice mild crisp on the outside, inside was melted (there wasn’t much on the inside) and I am definitely satisfied with my late night snack…..but still. A pupusa would’ve been just as great, probably better for the even cooking.

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