The Holy GRAIL!?


Bring Your Own Cup!!!

Not just for bars and booze, you could find yourself being offered a fresh fruit smoothie, some homemade ice cream, curry or any number of things you will want a vessel for.

A lot of people just use a water bottle. I try to keep things minimal. Carabiner cups have been my go-to burn cup most all these years. Until now, having stumbled upon the Hydaway. 

Whoa.Packs up small AND doesn’t spill? No more getting a fresh drink only to hop on my bike and spill it everywhere?! Nah, it can’t be that great…can it?

It’s heavier than I thought, but a decent size.


I got the 21 oz, vs the 12 oz, thinking it’d be good to also keep on hand for water (can’t get enough of the stuff out there). Plus, the 12 oz is just the 21’s upper half. Here’s the 21, not pulled out all the way, aka the 12 oz


vs the full size 21 oz


It’s weird, for sure. It’s also surprisingly difficult to pull out all the way. Works best with the lid off, so you can grab down into the bottle while you pull on the tab thingy on the bottom. Also ended up not really saving any more space than my cup


BUT it’s spill-proof. I filled it with water and shook it around. Will still use my Platypus on the plane, weighs less, takes up more room, but excited to see how this works out for misc. usage on the playa.

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