Wow, that’s crazy and weird and hilarious.

One of my bookmarks, Superpunch, links to Burning Man videos from Cory Doctorow. And just guess which quadrant he was sitting in when he shot the Saturday night burn…that’s right, that’s me in the braids. How RANDOM is THAT!!! I barely take any pics, don’t go looking for any and the very first thing I see/watch when I get back is a famous guy’s videos that have me in them.

I’m a BRC Ranger, now – over half of the people who started the day with me didn’t make it. I could’ve cried. It’s intense. Maybe more on that another time.

I don’t know what I’ll have much to say any time soon. But I’ll try to keep up with any interesting links or photos I find. Like his brief video of the jellyfish.


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5 Responses to “Wow, that’s crazy and weird and hilarious.”

  1. lazerfox Says:

    that’s pretty great! And you look lovely with the man in the background 😀

    • J Says:

      thanks. 😛 It was so strange to be standing right there, looking out and knowing that all around me, there’s like 50,000 people!! It felt just like doing perimeter at one of my regionals. I’m glad you stopped by camp and got to hang out.

      • lazerfox Says:

        I could only imagine. When the Temple light up the entire area and I looked around at the crowd around us I was blown away by how many people were there…

        I’m glad I got to see you as many times as I did…even though I sucked and took no pictures of us together 😛

        We’ll have to remedy that soon!

      • J Says:

        Yeah, when you two come to Alchemy in a few weeks!! 😉

      • lazerfox Says:

        I wish. I just found out yesterday that I have to work one of our Halloween Passholder events that weekend. 😦

        And it’s of course the Saturday night one!

        But I do believe we shall try to attend Big Jammalamma in October. Since I also have a work event and a friend’s wedding during the weekend of AfterBurn. Feels like Thursday night at the BM all over again!! So many things not enough time.

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