Wait for it….

The Gorgonist has lovely lovelyinspiring prints:

LOOK at the hair accessories…very clever and inventive.

Sorry Eplaya, Regretsy is the non-gendered, all-empowered Snark ruler of the internet in both word and image.

Ooo, speaking of Vietnam, let’s see how my listing is doing…everything’s sold, not for as much as I’d hoped, but still. Sold. And it’s all profit, since it’s stuff lying around the house. If I can just sell 50 things a month for $20, I can totally quit my job. Which I’m doing, anyways. I’ve had it. I was telling my bossish lady about what happened last week, and she said she’s been applying elsewhere, and the third woman has been “sending out job applications left and right.”

Yesterday I got virused. Took them alllll daaaaay to fix it. This morning I arrived to a bookmark, document and picture free PC. ARGH. So I’m trying to remember my bookmarks.

The will power to do a preBRC get fit plan finally kicked in…yesterday…it’s not too late, right?

The Smith mini-doc is making me very happy.

4 Responses to “Distractions”

  1. N Says:

    I missed it. what happenned last week?

    • J Says:

      Ugh. Well, I was setting out platters of sandwiches. Two big platters came with two little plastic cups of mayo and mustard. Room full of people, a fella I’ve worked with pleasantly for two years says, “So there’s nothing on the sandwiches?” “Right,” I begin to reply, “those (gesturing to the little cups) are for the sandwiches.” Well, barely were the words out of my mouth when he starts YELLING at me “don’t you ever smart off to me again you little smart ass you dont’ ever talk to me like that, i wasn’t even talking to you” on and on and on for several minutes. I interjected to apologize, “__, I wasn’t being a smartass I was confirming what you said!” which made him go on more. I had to leave and go cry for a solid 20 minutes. He’s been a total dick since. For no reason, whatsover.

  2. N Says:

    ah Fuck. that is awful. total blindside. is he a boss? Who get’s to say “you little smart ass” at work anymore? in a room full of people? He’d be ripped to shreds by HR where I work. I’m sorry that happened. NO one deserves that sort of bullying… I hope he pops an aneurism if he ever does it again. *pop* thud.

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