The West Memphis 3 are going free today. I had to see what the filmmakers say – Paradise Lost was one of the first movies that really had me recognize how much I love documentaries – and the Berlinger/Sinofsky oeuvre is unmissable. It’s one of those movies that, after watching, I had to learn everything there was to know. It also portrays what it’s like to be a misfit in a small Southern town that considers a kid who wears black t-shirts to be evil and a murderer. Yes, because he wears black t-shirts. Though they did become somewhat of a cause celeb…cause de celeb? it is beyond easy to identify with D.E., accused of atrocities simply because of his clothes.

Also not to be missed: Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis. I’m fairly astounded I’ve never heard of him. Beautiful work and a corresponding cinematic biograpy. And, lastly, Bonk. I’m finding it much more enjoyable than Stiff; I skipped several bits of that one.


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