Aren’t you EXCITED!!! I know I AM!!!!





I can get NYAN CAT as wallpaper on my new phone!!! And Cordelia and Spike are getting married.


hahahaha…what…it’s the little things. I got a new phone that’s alright except I CAN’T TYPE ON IT AND IT IS MAKING ME CRAZY. Seriously. Near tears.

Today I’m cruising the free applications, the major themes seem to be food and booze, sex and Jesus. In just one row, there’s “Rate My Breasts,” “Holy Bible” and “Erotic and Sex Hub.”

I’m trying to get Sky Map (I love constellations), the Ebay app and a game or two (Tetris and Bejeweled)…maybe Google books? But I can’t figure out how to do it. 95% of what my phone can do I will never use. Assuming I could figure out how to use it.

There’s a stadium horn. Where’s my vuvuzela app??

Oooo…my phone could be a scanner. I also don’t know what uses data and what doesn’t. Should I get some sort of battery saver? Kindle? Aldiko? Nook?? oh, and it’s an HTC Inspire.

I like the fireworks wallpaper and thunderstorm… but I’m one of those who deletes everything not used, cleans out Sent and Deleted Items at least weekly, so I don’t see myself cluttering the phone up with a bunch of memory sucking apps. Found my word game! Hm, Job Search…movies are reasonably priced.

Now…I just have to figure out how to work it. It’s going to be incredibly great to have while I’m on the road, sitting for hours on end!!

One Response to “HOW EXCITING!!”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Install as many apps as you want. That’s what the phone’s storage is there for. Filling up the phone’s storage with apps won’t hurt your performance or anything. Eventually, you may run out of storage, in which case you will have to delete some apps, but that’s probably unlikely given that the phone has 4 gig of storage.

    Issa and I both enjoy the games by AI Factory, which are all free (ad supported) and quite high-quality. They include chess, checkers, reversi, backgammon, spades, connect four, and others.

    There is a wordpress app that may interest you. I don’t know if it works with blogs, or just self-hosted (I don’t have a blog, so I never tested it with that), but it allows updating your blog easily from your phone.

    Why can’t you type on it? If it’s a user-issue instead of a hardware issue, there are alternate keyboards that may help you. Swype and Swiftkey X are both popular. I like Swiftkey X because it logs into your FaceBook and Twitter feeds and populates a custom dictionary based on your usage patterns. It automatically suggests words that I am likely to use.

    I don’t bother with battery savers. They all work by turning off your data connection, but it seems to me that if you set your apps to sync at reasonable intervals, that’s unnecessary. I might be wrong. Most phones should make it through an entire day of normal use without running the battery totally down, in which case you don’t need a battery saver–just plug it in when you get home! If you sit in front of a computer all day, a USB cable can be used to charge the phone while you’re at your desk.

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