As seen on Ebay

Dear god, I’m bored.

 Starwars The Tour Tee Shirt 100% Cotton”

I’m going to make an incorrect joke next, Darth Maul is not Luke Skywalker’s father.

Looks like Chandler Bing and Luke Skywalker have something in common.

Today I ‘ve watched Children of Invention and Female Perversions. Both were a little slow, the former in a sweet little indie way, the latter in an artsy-fartsy way. About to start The Architecture of Doom. It starts out discussing how “failed artists” was a common factor among Nazi leaders. So there you have it, kids, express yourself through art (in its myriad of forms) or turn into a Nazi! If I link to them, do you click them? I generally do hand-select the links, ones that I feel best let you know what it’s about/why I liked it. Or just take note and google them later? Oh, I know! You run to Netflix to put them in your queue.

One Response to “As seen on Ebay”

  1. lazerfox Says:

    I generally click first then I check netflix…most of the time it fails with the PBS type docs but the other it usually has.
    So far I’ve watched the one about the guy who made that pseudo reality by making an entire town with miniatures and dolls and the Parking Lot one.

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