For a long time, if you asked me what my favourite colour was, I’d reply: “Glow-in-the-dark when it’s glowing.” Therefore, these jeans belong to me:

From Naked & Famous Denim,

Just charge them up in the light (can be natural sunlight or artificial bulb light) and then shut the lights and watch ‘em glow! The jeans will also glow intensely under UV light (aka Blacklight), so if you wear the jeans in a club with a blacklight, your pants will appear neon green! Even the selvedge edges glow so flip up your cuff to flip people out!

The jeans work because we apply a phosphorescent coating to the fabric in Japan. This coating is baked into the fabric and will absorb light and slowly release that light with an emanating green glow, just like those Glow in the Dark stickers we had on our ceiling as a kid. Another fun aspect of the jeans is after you beat them up a bit the wear patterns will cause the coating to fade in certain parts of the jean and will create a unique piece of glowing art!

Here’s why I bought more compression sacks

The petticoat is, as I want to recall, 4-5 yards of lame. Without the rainbow skirt, the petticoat and the compression sack =

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7 Responses to “I NEED THESE JEANS.”

  1. lazerfox Says:

    For the record I love your clothing…so for every time you say you don’t like your clothing you should think of me and my lame clothing (minus the skirts)

  2. Foxfur Says:

    I love those jeans. And the petticoat is fabulous…
    I’m with Lazerfox and you should give your overall beauty more credit. I’ve seen photos of you and I know the truth!

    • J Says:

      Well, guys, that is VERY sweet and appreciated, but what sort of smartass little gloomy goth girl would I be if I liked myself??? Costume tip: look for “square dancing” on Ebay. 😛

      • lazerfox Says:

        you can be goth and like yourself…just hate everyone else 🙂

        Holy crap why did I do that search! They even have petticoat pants!!!! Those are better than bloomers (me thinks)

      • J Says:

        Yeah, pettipants are so cute! I fear all those ruffles will make my butt look big. 😛 Oh wait, my butt does that on its own…I managed to resist a few auctions for matching lame pettipants! But maybe I’ll…no no no! No more buying stuff!

  3. Twinkely Dots Says:

    Who are you??? I just saw a link on FB about your blog & have fallen in love with you.

    Many years ago I printed up bumperstickers “So many costumes, so little time.” I wish I still had one to gift you.

    See you on the Playa!

  4. Packity Pack Pack « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] I’m not using either of the two compression bags I got, despite overloving the first one. My new phone took awful pictures, but the final result was a huge […]

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