Guess what?

Chicken butt. I am in lurv with the compression bag Elorrum sent. Pics later. I’m shopping for another one or two as I type. I like these shoes. Here’s the cape I made for Rev G (infamous for wearing nothing but khaki):

I stayed up too late Sunday night on yet another project started, not finished.

Portlandia helped, and vanilla hemp milk mixes just fine with vodka and chocolate syrup. Healthy, too! I just love this show.

Should I take this, for night warmth?

Should I decorate it? How?

Cat slippers went in the donation pile.

Sparkly monster toes stay.

I hate my size, I really, truly do. Makes buying shit impossible, and trying to make it frustrating. First started and abandoned,

This year I want lots of shiny things that will blind people. Pink! This will be the only pink thing I own. Except for a pair of fishnets. Trying to make it fit, of course…

I’m thinking of some sort of bustle-y look…it’s to go over my silver lame petticoat.

Cats were helpful as always.

And now, a photo montage of the beginning of packing. And sock-choosing.

Lady. Enough with teh socks already.
No more Ebay, either. I’m cutting you off.



At least my last meal with the boy-o was a good one, there’s a local pancake house with GF PANCAKES!!!

Banana Pecan, Strawberry

Also, steak and lobster. I like it.

Lastly, a view from the year I met my pirate…


9 Responses to “Guess what?”

  1. Alexandra Says:

    Amen to all of that sista! I hope to see you out on the playa…maybe we will fin gluten free pancakes, yum! — Alexandra

  2. lazerfox Says:

    I’ve been looking at compression bags myself…found one at the army surplus store but the price seemed kinda high.

    What prices are you finding?

    Daumm I wish I had that plethora of socks. I had 3 that I could add to my bag. All my others are boring plain white or work black.

    The pancakes look delicious. YUM!!

    I still haven’t decided if I should start making myself that bustle or not :-/

    I think I am losing my mind with all the unknowns stilllllll

    • J Says:

      Yeah, now I have to wait to continue packing until the sacks I ordered get here! I got them from Department of Goods, for several dollars cheaper than retail (REI, Amazon, Ebay). Make the bustle!

      • lazerfox Says:

        Wow that is a good site…but with the shipping it’s actually more than the local sack…stupid shipping. When are we going to have matter transporters!!

        I may make the bustle if I finish my green UV reactive beard this weekend.

      • J Says:

        Oh, see, I don’t have anywhere local to get it! Plus, I spent $50 to get free shipping. The other bags I were looking at were 19-26 bucks, compared to the 13-14, so it worked out. Most of them are bigger than what I need, too. UV green beard??? Awesome.

      • lazerfox Says:

        KK I bought 2 of the large…one for me and one for the bf (maybe) I may need both…but he doesn’t know that yet.

        They are much nicer than the local one so what the hell…

        And the beard was inspired by yarn I found while cleaning my craft box…however I do not have enough so have to buy more anyway…sigh. I’ve spent so much money on TTITD

      • J Says:

        It gets a little cheaper, once you get some of the basics. But yeah, it’s stupid expensive. I’m like…I could go to Europe with this shit!! I try to keep track of what I spend, but there’s so many little things (vitalyte here, socks there, toothbrush here, eye drops there…). I marvel at how international people afford it.

  3. chardonnay Says:

    ohhhh, i think i need more socks! i wish i could sew….likey the shiny pink!

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