And in the meantime

I’ll listen to this song again. If anybody knows where the newsy-sounding intro bites are from, I’d like to see the whole segment.

So, what do you guys look forward to? I look forward to the contraptions*. The art cars that go by and just make you stand there, gaping, “How the…what the…” It makes me feel good knowing somebody has just spent most of their waking moments (I’m guessing) to do this one thing to make me happy. And they do it because firstly, they love it. And people doing what they love makes the people around them happy.

I look forward to all the clever, witty, imaginative and hilarious theme camp names and themes.

I look forward to the kindness. I look forward to being in a “city” where everybody is looking out for their neighbor – and not just looking out, but being proactive and meeting needs before One knows it’s there.

So, what do you look forward to?

*besides being surrounded by some of the most generous, loving, thoughtful, giving, funny, smart, talented people I’ve ever known


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2 Responses to “And in the meantime”

  1. Foxfur Says:

    I look forward to meeting all of the new friends made on the the modern miracle that we call the internet. So many lovely people, so much love to return.
    I also look forward to seeing many old friends from childhood that will be there. The fact that I will be seeing them for the first time in over twenty years coupled with the fact they are like minded enough to be there instead of in air-conditioned and fully appointed defaultia lets me know that they are worth every bit of love that I feel for them.
    Beyond this I am looking forward to new and beautiful experiences only dreamed of before that can be made real at that city in the desert.

    Anything else will be a bonus!

  2. lazerfox Says:

    Meeting people that I’ve spoken to on a more regular basis online than in real life, riding in an art car while getting a tour narrated by Magic Marty, time in deep playa to lay down and stare at the stars and city, helping others before they know they need help 🙂

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