No, seriously, Y’ALL!! My Ebay luck is HOT!!! First this for half it’s going for. Then one of these (in a fairly too heavy brocade…). Now, the one thing left on my to-buy list and voila!

SCA brand resperator. Comes with smart talk ST2, kit, airline, adaptor, plastic box with webbing sling, and resperator.”

Retails for $165…I got it for $24.90 plus $12 shipping. There’s some still going on, with a higher price and no talk box or carrying bag!!

..and my glutenfreesistserinMorrissey got a job she really really wanted, soooooooo…things are alright!



One Response to “Y’ALL.”

  1. lazerfox Says:

    OMG OMG OMG I just realized my robe would totally work for Geek Night!!!!

    I’m really getting excited here 🙂
    Glad your ebay-ing is going strong…and love, love, LOVE that fact that the mask come with a talk box.

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