I don’t really know any other word to title this post with. Remember when I blogged about “freakers?” Did any of you buy one? They reached their goal  – and sent me a thank you message for my post! I like the designs…

esp. one’s with sneaky references…

Also in “hey remember when?” news: I know y’all have read EVERY LAST POST, right? So you know that a devoted, wonderful blog reader I never got to meet sent me a belt from Blue Moon Designs. I practically slept in it (and now they’re hip, no pun intended; ok, yes, it was intended).

…OK, well, I can’t find any postings or pictures…aaaanyways,

Fresh from the studio : Light-up Bustles!
Why not take a good thing and make it even better?
      An inevitable pairing — and one that has been rattling around in my mind for several months.  I was delighted to find a durable LED light-string that glows with 360° visibility and also has a delicate wire that is very wearable.  Just perfect for adding to my snap-on bustles!  Come check them out at my next event — Prepare for the Playa, or have a look at my Etsy shop to see the light-up bustles I’ve got in stock now!

 I canNOT buy anything else – all I need is a mask of some sort. Not crucial. Just nice to have.

Also, I hate all my clothes, being overweight, what if nobody likes me?, I miss my cats, what if everybody hates me, my costumes all suck, I’m stupid, nobody loves me, nobody cares, nobody buys me peaches or pears.

I got a saying-of-the-day desk calendar. August 2:

“‘Hope’ is that thing with feathers

That perches in the Soul

And ings the tune without the words

And never stops – at all.”



3 Responses to “w00t!”

  1. lazerfox Says:

    hey I have leftover lace from that pixie skirt I showed you…is it hard to make a bustle?

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