Georgie Boy needs your benjamins

The Hammer. Spectacular. I know of few words grandiose and awe-inspiring enough to relay and describe the…art/contributions/performances/interactivity that Mister Jellyfish and his crew bring to BRC each year.

Though their Kickstarter campaign was a success  – and even their “thank yous” are interactive and BRC-enhancing (as opposed to stickers and t-shirts):

A four button remote control allowing you to interrupt me at any time you wish. Simply step up in front of my art installation and press a button to interrupt the game and I’ll turn to engage in a brief conversation with you… personally! YOU will have the power to control my desires, to make me say “Yes”, “NO”, and perhaps even “You arouse me so”. I’m not sure that my minions will be able to do this, but a boy can dream, can’t he? Regardless, The crowd around you will see that you have the key to my heart and that you are able to stop me in the middle of my performance to pause and chat with you. How’s that for special treatment?

Sadly, they’ve since experienced a fire and lost a lot of their stuff.

“…Georgie has suffered the catastrophic house fire that destroyed critical parts of the animatronic and material components that are essential to bringing this art project to life and to Burning Man 2011.” – foxfur

 So, if you have any spare monies there’s a PayPal button on their page for donations.

I think next year I am going to have two seperate savings funds: stuff I need and donations for projects I need (or for cats who swallow sewing needles). Even just hearing about some of their past projects is enthralling.

I linked to one back in 2009, before I even knew the connection (of Mister Jellyfish) between all the marvelousness. So if there’s any millionaires reading this, help a poor fallen Broadway queen out, won’t you?

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2 Responses to “Georgie Boy needs your benjamins”

  1. N Says:

    wow, just flashed on this… I think that’s the song from Jungle book that the snake sings to Mowgli? the voice of Sterling Holloway. Trust in me.

  2. Foxfur Says:

    Thank you J!
    You are truly part of the solution. I have just posted a series of behind the scenes photos of the making of Georgie Boy. Satisfy your voyeuristic cravings…


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