As suspected…

I’m getting screwed on the two listings I have on Ebay. Might as well just have given them away! Which I’d rather do, of course, but if I could just make a few pennies towards the moving/school loan fund, every single bit really does count…I had a fantastic and awful weekend all at once. Lucky you, you just get to hear about the awesome!

I am no longer an administrative mythic heroine, here on out I am an Administratrix. It was suggested with the “-iss” suffice, but I prefer the French spelling.

Oh lord wait, ComicCon was this weekend, why am I blogging?? There’s costume pictures to look at ALL DAY LONG!!

In the meantime, check out one of the skirts I made in action!

Check out the knee work. She’s better in three months than I could have been in three years!


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