Tent Cot Camping – my first guest post!

Y’all know Elorrum, she was the first person to place her faith in my imagination and rudimentary talents. Rawr, she’s a dragon! She is also awesome for cruising around BRC on her trike blaring They Might Be Giants. She’s an introvert like me but UNlike me, she keeps camp to a minimal  – and in the walk-in section. I should try to visit there this year. Recently, she tested out a new set-up and here’s her report!

This shade survived two burning mans (men?)   It has nice head room, I hung a lamp from a ring in the very top center… as high as I can reach without standing on something.  I like the shape and design, but the poles have needed repair each time I use it there.  In a low, or no wind situation, it is super!

roll up aluminum table.  great as well.

the tent cot

is heavy, and ends up in a bag about as large as my rei campdome 6, and almost as heavy. but it sets up very quickly. The tent zips to the cot. I didn’t spend time on it this morning.  I think it can be folded up without removing the tent, but the way it velcros under the cot on both ends causes resistance in the folding, so I just unzipped it.  The tent top can also be used as a tent alone.  It also comes with a rain fly, which I haven’t used yet.  I think in cooler weather, with a lot of condensation, the best way to go would be to open all the windows, doors on both sides… have the mesh for breath-ability beneath the rain fly, and this might reduce condensation inside the tent.  I had a little, not a problem, but with the walls being fairly close in, it’s hard to avoid shaking it loose, or soaking it up with the sleeping bag.  Since the weather I was in was hot and dry during the day, it wasn’t a problem.  If I was in a rainy spell, it would be a bit icky I’m thinking. 

size of the sleeping area: 

I kept my shoes at the end, along with my pants, as the last things I took off before getting in the tent.  I’m 5’6″ and could stretch out head to toe and touch both ends if I tried.  I don’t think a tall person would be comfortable.  I do understand width however, being a bit of a wide body… and it’s 24 inches wide, wide enough with slipping room for a regular thermarest. It has a nesty feel, I found it quite cozy.  since the headroom is good, it feels roomy enough.  If I get near the center of the tent, at peak height, I can sit up.  With the doors open, it was a nice daytime resting space.  sometimes relaxing in a chair isn’t relaxed enough, so it was nice to be able to recline and doze a bit.

Clearance from the ground was more than I was expecting.  The cot bottoms out a bit, so the edge is a little higher and it takes a little effort beyond just standing up. 

The little triangle windows gave a nice night time view, to look out and see the sky and stars, and to yell at the kids throwing the frisbee into my tent.

As to the playability of it.  I haven’t decided.  Breathability and playa dust are mutually exclusive.  Would it be comfortable if it was completely closed up on playa?  not sure.  I will bring it for my first and last night sleep space though.  With the car fully loaded, I’ll be able to first camp at Pyramid lake the Sunday before burning man, and use it in the same situation for my last night before leaving.  As my only tent, it was fine for this weekend festival.  I would love it if it would work as well, with my shade stucture at Burning man.  we’ll see.


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6 Responses to “Tent Cot Camping – my first guest post!”

  1. N Says:

    what an honor! um I must say I don’t camp in walk in… though I could, I guess. It’s nice to keep the car/locking storage near.

  2. N Says:

    J street, J. the provinces.

  3. lazerfox Says:

    Are the Raiders a placed theme camp?

  4. Jacqui Michelle Says:

    That is almost identical to my set up. Tent cots rule. With my disability it makes my set up so easy-peasy.

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