I enjoyed it quite a bit.

It’s a much  more playful tone, more mischievous than manipulative than Dangerous Liasons.

 The costumes are exquisitely detailed (nominated, as DL was, for an Oscar). There’s one scene in particular of young getting dressed that gives a lovely view of all the underpinnings and how it went together.

 It’s a more well-rounded plot and cast, too. A bit more nuanced in its cinematography – and more luscious in its sets. Less rapey in its seduction of young women. They have more fun with it, more Wilde and Moliere. More scenery, too, not all parlors and bedrooms. Marketplaces, taverns, bathrooms…it has a bit of a gentler ending, too.

But the trailer is terrible. And I’m not really sure why they called it Valmont, it wasn’t really about him. Odd how they came out so close together. But yes, wonderful eye candy in whereabouts and wardrobe and an enjoyable interpretation of the original text.



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