Y’all know I love Vitalyte

Here’s an article in Wired about the hows and why of Gatorade sucks. Long before I did the actual research it was just common sense to me that Gatorade claims, based on its ingredients, sounded far-fetched. But it’s always nice when science backs me up.

I have a phone interview for a job with BMORG. I am terrified of getting it and actually having to make changes. Especially 100% drastic, topsy-turvy, move literally across the country for a 100% new life changes. Whatever will be, will be.

Schrute Facts

I’m getting all that “what if everybody hates me and I’m stupid and fat and ugly” anxiety. What am I going to wear?? What can I pack up weeks ahead of time so that it ships in time? I hate not being entirely self-reliant. I’m testing out some pickled eggs. I want to do local boiled peanuts and pork rinds.

Regular, tamari + wasabi paste, curry


That’s better. I’d rather serve pimento cheese sandwiches and deviled eggs and sweet tea, sigh.

I turned this


into some pretty cute skirts, if I say so myself. Hopefully the buyer will like the colors. It’s nerve-wracking, sewing up stuff for people you don’t know! Penny lent a hand, of course


Something awesome happened, remember Stitch?

She came to visit me!! We spent the 4th watching Lost & Found, sitting in the river drinking beer and watching Mr. Show.

I know, I know.

I can’t help it.

She’s so cute.

And helpful.

Yet another project for someone – I ain’t done shit for myself this year!

Audrey, my usual helper (sitting right the behind the sewing machine so I can’t sew is helping, right?), got in on the hot craft action

Sewing’s very dangerous, you know.

Sunday I went tubing. It was crazy fun. Hours of lazily floating down the river, punctuated with “rapids.” Me, the don’tcallmeafratboy boyfriend, my radical faery couple and their brother, a…well, homeless guy. With a tattoo of a pegasus carrying a nekkid lady tattoo’d on his back shoulder, lines blurred by age and sun. Supplies were go

Water – frozen overnight, sunscreen and Bloody Mary. I can’t wait to go again.



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