Nothing is Easy Anymore

American: The Bill Hicks Story is good. Perhaps one of the best biographical films I’ve ever seen. Thorough and cleverly done, it’s a guaranteed must-see for fans. Due to the thoroughness, I’m not sure how much non-fans would enjoy it. I mean, because if you’re not already a fan, something is clearly wrong with you. I agree with the critic on Amazon, “The clips that are present, meanwhile, tend to favor the comedian’s angrily self-righteous rants, rather than his more accessible–and often riotously filthy–comedy routines. Those already among the converted will find this reverent look back essential, but newcomers to Hicks’s material may have some trouble seeing what the fuss is about.”

I did have that thought, “Huh, where’s all the breath-taking hilarious stuff we love him for?” Overall, however, it’s excellent.

Wilfred, not so much. “It’s a bit testosterone-laden for me…” I would like to see the original. American comedies stolen from other countries often tend to pander to the lowest co – oh hell, most everything in America panders to the lowest denominator.

Louie, of course, is great. Lucky Louie, not so much. Intentionally meant to be somewhat bad, a wooden homage to flat sitcoms like The Honeymooners, I have to think. The one episode I watched was clearly buoyed by Louie and enjoyable primarily because of my established like of him.

This morning by some wonderful stroke of luck Jeff Buckley was on the radio. It lasted most of the way to work, got me all gushy and nostalgic inside. I used to be all in love n’ shit. I reviewed that album for my college paper. BRILLIANT title, I had, “Amazing Grace.” The next song began and I thought, “Holy crap, I know this song.” It was Lungfish. The lead singer was friends with one of my roomates/friends&roomates’ band…they’re kind of famous. I guess. At least with people who have good taste in music. I miss my rock and roll life in Philadelphia.


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2 Responses to “Nothing is Easy Anymore”

  1. N Says:

    Coincidentally, I just watched the Bill Hicks movie this week. I wasn’t familiar with his stuff… guess not having cable and going to bed before prime time keeps me in the dark. Very clever, smart, angry, but earnest. Not feeling the hilarity of his act from this movie, like you said.

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