You GUYS!! Why haven’t I seen this movie?? Or even heard of it??

Why, with all the desert-y, apocolypse, tech geekery, steampunk, etc. of Burning Man is this movie not alongside Mad Max as our heros? Heroes? Potatoe? Seriously, this movie was great.  Here’s why:

Seriously…it was great. Not to mention cameos by Iggy Pop and Lemmy and a sdtk of Ministry and PIL.

Ah-ha, I knew whoever wrote/directed it had to be on the scene,

The nomad who unearths the MARK-13 robot is played by Carl McCoy, lead singer of the goth rock band Fields of the Nephilim  for whom Richard Stanley had previously directed two music videos and designed an album cover.

It’s like this crazy…Tromaesque 80’s cliches Orwellian softcore Cronenberg-like…glee-ful romp through a vision of the future as seen by 80s kids on the cusp of the industrial revolution (as in Ministry, NIN, etc., later seen in a milder format on the Crow sdtk.).

” If you like sci-fi, and punk rock, and dusty, dirty environments…oh and killer robots…check it out!”


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4 Responses to “HARDWARE!”

  1. Allison Says:

    I must add this to my list of movies to watch. Sounds like it’s got everything I love in a movie!

    • J Says:

      It’s got a lot of hardware masks and costumey stuff, Western (Firefly-y) undertones…it’s pretty classic Burning Man stuff! At least as far as BM is now.

  2. Joshua Says:

    I just saw this movie mentioned on The Office.

    • J Says:

      Really? Interesting. I don’t recall – but a reference to something I didn’t know existed wouldn’t really stick with me.

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