Artist’s Statement, by Charlotte Young

I was just sitting in my office (read: bathroom) the other day, reading the lastest TimeOutNewYork’s art section thinking how if I had the time and money I’d totally be one of those art museum types. I’d collect shit. Drop names. Make a name for myself for others to drop.  Drink different kinds of wine (“under 10 dollars” is not actually a kind of wine) and try new cheeses.

I’ve wanted to do a  faux art tour at Burning Man. Basically dress up and walk around with wine glasses (maybe a monocle) critiquing everything. “Those staples are SO pendantic.” Or do a tour of unsuspecting BRC denizens and just make shit up. “The dust represents the patriarchal struggle to remain prescient in the pyschosexual turbulence manifest in the plywood…” Film it and do a little Sister Wendy film. I think it’d be fun.


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One Response to “Artist’s Statement, by Charlotte Young”

  1. Kendall Says:

    I’m in! Sister Wendy is good but Sister Randy is my hero!!!

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