So there I was, sitting around minding my own business (having just gutted a duck, skewered it’s entrails and made pork heart tacos) when all of a sudden K has a kitten she found in the middle of the road. I had to petted it, then I stuck it in my shirt. And it stayed there. So, we took it home  – well, to where we were crashing. It slept at my feet. Took a very dainty shit in the kitchen sink. We returned to the scene of the find and I left it outside. “I guess if you really truly want to come home with me, you’ll still be here when we leave.” And, well, the end. Don’t give drunk people cats. HOW CUTE IS THIS???????

Looks like, like Miss Audrey, Oscar Penny (that’s its name) is going to like helping me with crafts.

Kitty head sleepy-pie! He started out on top of the cushion behind my head and slowly sank…

I scooped him out and he curled back up

and migrated to me!

And the grand finale…prepare yourself…

I can’t stand it! It’s impossible to get anything done with a kitten on the loose. It’s also impossible to frown and be cranky. Mmpfh.

I worked today on my application to work in the SF BM HQ. Wednesday I leave for Euphoria, a new regional – I’m a little worried about leaving Oscar Penny…but I have some pretty fun costumes in store, mwa ha ha…and I’m taking the DOOM DOME, to house Sparklepony Lounge. Sadly, money is tight so I couldn’t get some costumes to give away, or much booze for the bar, but I did make some glitter (craft glitter found when I cleaned out the sewing room + hair gel from the dollar store) and magnets out of

Back to Oscar Penny!


4 Responses to “I GOT A KITTEN”

  1. N Says:

    Send this cat to my right frigging now! If it fits it ships! Get in my house little kitty!

  2. Kendall Says:

    so bloody adorable!!

  3. Jet Says:

    Yeah yeah.. cute kitty. However… that magnet on the lower left? Totally needs to be given to many people in PWR.

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