I’m pretty sure when asked, in my mid-late teens, what I wanted to be or do when I grew up I replied, “Move to Bosnia and start a legion of riot grrls.”

“…would riot grrrl be able to happen in the current climate with the Internet? I kind of think it wouldn’t. I think it made it really special that we all communicated through letters and that we didn’t have cell phones. It didn’t seem hard at the time, but in retrospect, it wasn’t as easy to communicate, and I think it made it more special. It’s like you go a thrift store and you find that weird one of-a-kind thing, and it means more than going to Marc Jacobs and buying this $500 dress that anybody who has a lot of money could get.”

So I enjoyed this interview with Kathleen Hanna. It’s so great when a real fan interviews someone and a dialogue occurs, rather than a Q&A about the same old shit.

“…(Katy Perry’s) “I Kissed a Girl” was just straight-up offensive. The whole thing is like, I kissed a girl so my boyfriend could masturbate about it later. It’s disgusting. It’s exactly every male fantasy of fake lesbian porn. It’s pathetic. {I despite her newest song,w here she pretty much asks the male to rape her, and he pretty much describes how he’s going to do it.}And she’s not a good singer. I don’t want to trash other women. I mean, I think Jason Mraz is horrible. It’s not just like I hate other women performers. Jason Mraz, and the new James Blunt song is the worst thing that has ever been created on the face of the Earth.”

Call me brainwashed with nostalgia, but who does a teen girl have to look up to today, musically? I mean have you seen tumblr?


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  1. Shannon Henry Says:

    I think that the role models are out there, they just aren’t on the radio/tv/other mass media. Not that the Riot Grrls got much radio play, either. I have a 14 year old sister, and I’m thinking I’ll introduce her to Amanda Palmer when I see her this summer…

    On the other hand, when I was a teen I loved the philosophies behind Riot Grrl, but I was a band & science geek who wore 90% jeans & tees, and I didn’t cultivate an appreciation for music with a rougher edge until I was in my late 20s. Since I wasn’t really into the music or fashion associated with the movement, I felt like I could only watch from a distance. I think if I were a teenager today I’d be able to find a community online with similar values that I could participate without necessarily having the style component be such an issue…or with style that I also liked.

    • J Says:

      I did think of Amanda Palmer, Joanna Newsome…but they still sort of fall under the pretty/nice girl. Course, I’m an old lady and I don’t think AFP is appropiate for a 14 y.o. She’s a potty mouth! Sings about fucking! But then, being at Lady Gaga with actual children, not just teenagers, in the front row being yelled at to “Show me your dick!”…what’s the world coming to?

  2. Shannon Henry Says:

    By the way, hi! I’ve been reading for over a year and I don’t think I’ve ever commented before. Found you via a search for tents for a music festival, stayed for the snark & smarts & because I’m a burner-at-heart who’s not yet been to the Thing in the Desert (or locally either, damn scheduling conflicts). Hoping to make 2012 my virgin year… and now that I’ve broken the silence, maybe I’ll speak up on hear a bit more…

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