Now THIS is what Kickstarter is for

As I initially understood it Kickstarter was to help, well, kickstart ideas with the funding needed to get things going. Ideas like Freakers, bad-ass coozies that fit

 EVERYTHING. Seriously, watch the video!

“One size fits all, baby! Our family friends use them for toddler bottles! Our healthy friends use them for sports bottles! Our generous friends use them for gifts of wine! And our debaucherous friends have them on 40 oz of bum wine! ”

FReaKer USA is a North Carolina based company that is on the forefront of keeping your bottles cool and your hands more comfortable! We are pursuing our american dream of preventing all moist handshakes with our patent pending product the “Freaker”.

They’ve got less than a week and half-way to go, so maybe send a couple of bucks? No more wet handshakes! For $25 you get four of them, that’s a pretty sweet deal. You can send me one! They’ve clearly put a LOT of work into their media – and they’re right here in the South. Maybe nobody else uses coozies, I have a whole jar full on top of my fridge. Keeps your hands from getting all wet, and your drink from getting warm. Thought about making some as souvenirs for Raiders Night. Freakers are way more useful, though, since they fit on everything! Prettier, too, than getting a logo of some sort stamped onto some rubber thingie.

More action shots of what they can do in this video.

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2 Responses to “Now THIS is what Kickstarter is for”

  1. Molly Says:

    Bonjour friends and freaks alike!

    We are freakin excited that you featured our link on your site! Thank you for all the love and support! With your help we successfully reached our funding goal on Kickstarter. YAY! Good news! We have launched a super sexy new website where you can find all of our videos (Renamed: giggle factory) and follow our Freak America Tour travelogue as we share Freakerlove through the great USA. 
    If you want a grilled cheese party, just let us know! We are probably coming to freak a town near you! Nom nom nom!

    You are the wind beneath our wings…
    yay!!! and thank you!!!

    The Freakerteam

    This is a thank you poem-present from us to you:

  2. w00t! « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] really know any other word to title this post with. Remember when I blogged about “freakers?” Did any of you buy one? They reached their goal  – and sent me a thank you message for my […]

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