My day at work

It’s amazing how much conversation people can come up with about Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. Also today:

 – How nice Steven Tyler is. “Well, he’s cleaned up, now, from his….well, he’s old.”

 – How hard it is to pick light fixtures for a beach house. Been listening to this tragedy for a few weeks, now (how much of a PAIN it is to remodel one’s beach house).

 – Retelling of a Marmaduke cartoon from last week. That crazy dog! He took an ice cream cone from a little girl, and she told him she hoped he got brain freeze!

So take that, multiply by eight hours, however many hundred days a year and then ask me why I drink.

I try to be productive. Gather yard sale stuff.

Go through what I’ve been hoarding collecting for said sale, and splitting into yard sale/Ebay/donate

I made a mess,

and no money. Hard to sell things on the internet when you don’t have internet. Started four costumes for somebody…need to finish them! Scared they’ll hate them and hate me for sending them such awful tacky CRAP! Wondered how to sell the random stuff I have

Assembled a care package to mail

Stuck to the diet of liquid diet and treadmilling, mundane and boring life in this dimension, waiting for the late August wake-up call…


4 Responses to “My day at work”

  1. Kendall Says:

    I think I recongize that!!! :))))

  2. lazerfox Says:

    Can I help fund your trip with a sewing request once you finish those 4 costumes?

    P.S. I can no longer see your blog at work due to the “wordpress” word on your URL 😦

    My job hates me

  3. tunna Says:

    is the detour sign going to a yard sale? how much do you want for it, maybe a bottle of gin in trade?

    I miss your face, crazy lady.

    • J Says:

      For you, sweet cheeks, I give good price. If I can’t get it to the playa, it’s yours. If I can get it to the playa, and you want to take it home with you, it’s yours.

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