Bikes & Bottles

Trying to figure out how to get a bike to BRC is tough – mine’s still out in the front yard, poor thing, pedal-less adn twisted around from being tied to the back of a van in 2009. A basket might have to be a seperately-packed thing so this flat one, a la my Orikasa dishware, could be really handy for someone flying or trying to go light.

From this flat-packed


It’s ‘spensive, $75 at MIO. I’ve been re-using jars for years, now, as travel mugs. Coffee, soup, smoothies, etc.  I look like a crazy old lady because I am a crazy old lady with all the empty jars of various shapes and sizes I have in the kitchen. Carissa has taken my cheap-ass green travel mug and made it classy:

Full tutorial at her blog, Carissa’s Creativity Space.

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