Fruity Pebble Rice Krispie Treats

These would be way easy and cheap to make, but look awesome (would also be easy to travel with and pass out).

Recipe at The Novice Chef.

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4 Responses to “Fruity Pebble Rice Krispie Treats”

  1. lazerfox Says:

    would they not melt easily?

    • J Says:

      I was thinking more of my regionals, than Burning Man…I wouldn’t take them to BM because it takes me as long to get there as they’d be good for! If you kept them in a cooler and passed them out, they’d be fine. Having eaten RK treats in hot weather, I’ve never had any melt before, due to the heat….

      • lazerfox Says:

        I was going to try to attend my PreHeat regional but it sold out on the first day which is ironic since when I heard about it last year they had tickets still in the same month.

        Either way these look delicious!

      • J Says:

        I’m sure there’ll be tickets available closer to the event, as life happens and people can’t make it.

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