And in other “They’re talking about me” news

“Picked up CFM from Reno airport.

She lures you in with the shy librarian look, then before you know it your drinking a second fifth of some dawgawful coconut rum from a Mr. Pibb can in the gate line and pissing on the fence posts and asking random pairs of women if they are closet lesbians on an adventure.

Don’t trust this creature. Very dangerous.”

 – Token, on our very, very long day together, most of which was spent sitting outside the closedduetorain gate. It was at least five hours we were sitting out there, breaking into the likker stash and sharing a pee jug. Pee funnels, ladies. Pee funnels.

3 Responses to “And in other “They’re talking about me” news”

  1. N Says:

    ordered a pstyle. slight ew factor, but I’ll try it. You never know when there will be a five hour wait at the gate. I guess I’ve just been lucky. there is a testimonials page on the site too. spoiler alert

    • J Says:

      “Ew” is putting your genitals a few inches above a pile of hundreds of other people’s excrements. Pee funnel means a whole lot less sitting in a portajohn.

  2. Jet Says:

    I’ve had to do that at the gate myself and we arrive many days before the event begins.

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